My first blog post and I thought I would be sitting here and telling you my story. How I’m building my business, all about my great flowers and the fabulous new branding and website (big shout out to Meg at Shake it up Creative).

But I’ll come back to that….

We are fast approaching Mothering Sunday so in honour of all Mums, MoB’s, Mum in Laws, Mums 2 be, Step, Foster and Adoptive Mums, I want to share mine.


My mum whose sixties wedding would inspire any modern Bride wanting a vintage look.  Whose dress I now have and frequently use as a backdrop.

My mum who had no say in her flowers except ‘yellow’ and whose bridal bouquet and wedding flowers were made by her Mother in Law to be.

My mum who remains calm when my nerves are jangling more than the glassware in the car when we hit speed bumps en route to set up and deliver.

A lovely supplier chatting with us recently at a wedding fair stated that she could never bring her mum along, it would drive her crazy and they would end up arguing. To which my mum replied with a gleam in her eye ‘I have learnt to bite my tongue!’.

I know I can be pretty stubborn, get stressed and frosty and I know my mum bears the brunt in these situations. However, she remains quiet and calm, knowingly saying that I will sort it all out and it will look perfect. Thank goodness mums always have the last word and they are always right!!

What would we do without them.